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Get In On The New Growth At I90 AND EXIT 48!

Property Highlights and Overview

This map shows two separate offerings: the NORTH portion and the SOUTH portion. The NORTH portion is comprised of lots of various sizes and configurations with more of a LI or GC land use typically used. There are two major apartment projects located with the NORTH portion.

Size of Lots Available

Choose from many smaller sized lots ranging from 0.41 acres up to 7.41 acres in size in the NORTH PORTION – (0.41ac, 0.61ac, 0.68ac, 1.83ac, 2.06ac, 3.50ac, 3.70ac, 4.19ac, 4.47ac, 7.41ac). Additionally there is a 11.12 acre parcel and a 16.06 acre parcel available in the NORTH PORTION. The SOUTH PORTION is available at 31.88 acres for both parcels: the Seller desires to sell all land holdings.

Ease of Access

Just a quick turn off the interstate and you are there.

The North Portion

I90 To Exit 48, West 1 Block To Sturgis Road, South Along Sturgis Road to American Eagle, Democracy, or Independence Streets.

The South Portion

I90 To Exit 48, West 1 Block to Sturgis Road, south along Sturgis Road to Leisure Lane, east to Recreational Drive to the 31.88 acres.

Land Use Zoning

All land is currently zoned General Commercial. It is suggested to rezone the 31.88 acres into a mixed use with residential use type zoning to meet current demand.


Sanitary sewer, water distribution, electric 1PH and 3PH, natural gas & communications are installed in most of the ROW: call for specifics.

Immediate Posession of Land Is Available

I90 Traffic Counts

SDDOT 22,050 (E & W)

Sturgis Road (US HWY 79):

SDDOT 7,308 (N & S)

For any assistance please don’t hesitate to call, text or email Phil Olsen with Olsen Real Estate – 605-390-8868.

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One Of The Most Active Newer Areas In The Black Hills Front Range! Approximately 6,000 Residents!

I90 Corridor - Black Hawk, Summerset, Piedmont

Strategically Located

Just south of I90 Exit 48 along the well-traveled I90/US Hwy 79 (Sturgis Road) corridor, this most interesting collection of land parcels is simply waiting for your creativity, your investment in further development. The land holds a natural 2-4% cross slope running from Sturgis Road easterly towards the I90 corridor. Currently all right-of-way has been established within the NORTH PORTION. The roadways still need to be paved but the rough grading, sanitary sewer and water mains and services are already installed and active. This gives you the financial edge when coming in at the current asking prices. The SOUTH PORTION 32 acres are configured in one larger collection of 2 parcels served by a collector street on the west side; I90 on the east side. This leaves you with the potential to lay out your land plan with larger and smaller parcels within and stage your project to meet demand. The City will consider taking Recreational Drive out to tie into US Hwy 79 with a developer who has a solid plan for this acreage.

Land Use And Zoning

The City of Summerset has currently zoned this area as General Commercial. Currently the local residents of the Piedmont-Summerset-Black Hawk area are in need of restaurant, retail, services and lodging and HOUSING! That being said, if it makes sense, the current commission will consider flexibility within the zoning code on this larger parcel. They are also flexible with the manner in which the existing infrastructure may be used to serve your new plans. The current political motivation is to bring in sales tax dollars and generate more users to help them pay for the operations of the City.

High Traffic Location And Increasing Daily

Prime land parcels contained within these larger parcels are waiting for your new residential, multi-family and commercial land plans. The NORTH PORTION acres provide approximately 2,400 lineal feet of frontage along Interstate 90 and approximately 2,200 lineal feet of frontage along US Highway 79 (Sturgis Road). This is significant. The SOUTH PORTION provide approximately 1,700 lineal feet of frontage along Interstate 90. This is also quite significant.

Utilities Are In Place

The sanitary sewer is in place, owned and treated by the City of Summerset. The water distribution is in place, owned, generated and treated by the Black Hawk Water District. Three-phase power is constructed and available by Black Hills Power. Natural gas is constructed and available by MDU. Various cabling for telephone and internet is constructed and available by either VAST, MIDCO or Century Link.

Developer Incentives / Pro-growth

Incentives are available to offset your costs of development and start up. In order to stimulate commercial growth Meade County will abate real estate taxes on new commercial development over a period of 5 years at 0% with any new commercial construction. The City of Summerset may also consider TIF type financing if it helps to get things going and finished. If you require a fast-track approval, Phil Olsen, Broker will work with you and the City to accomplish your time deadlines. It is the objective of the City of Summerset and Olsen Real Estate to get your project started so you can get it finished and open your doors for business. The City of Summerset is OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Summerset has a full-time staff person who is hired to assist new growth, builders, developers, and to keep things straight and moving forward. All Summerset staff are very easy to work with and hold a positive and servant attitude rather than creating more barriers to your project.

What Do The Residents Need And Want?

According to the Summerset Comprehensive Plan a recent public polling conducted in conjunction with the Black Hills Council Of Local Governments, the local residents want and need services most of which require a longer trip to Rapid City or north to Spearfish. With a rough population of 6,000 LOCAL residents between Piedmont-Summerset-Black Hawk, combined with the Rapid City region that is pushing 78,000 residents, combined with the regional attraction of an approximate 300,000 population draw, the correct combination of retail, service related and various food and lodging placed in and around Exit 48 should enjoy solid growth and success.

Act Now

Simply give PHIL OLSEN, BROKER with Olsen Real Estate a call or text him at 605-390-8868. Check out his web site at or email him at Phil holds over 40 years of subdivision development, project design and construction experience – he speaks your language, knows many of the local business regulators and political people, knows contracting and knows how to help you get your project going. Phil is experienced to assist you with your special needs and requirements. He will help you simplify the process, will be private and will help make your experience positive and fruitful.

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